eSumé Student: A 360 Degree Digital Profile & Portfolio
That Grows and Evolves as You Do


  • Verified Core Competency Badges that align with completed curriculum

  • A customized college job board with jobs and internships specifically targeting your skills and personality

  • A personalized career-growth roadmap

  • Evolution

    eSumé profiles are created at the beginning of your college career, and evolve as you do throughout your professional life. In addition to showcasing your experiences and degrees, core competency's, references, key documents, and links to online portfolios will always have a home on your personal eSumé.

  • How Do Students Benefit?

    • Affirm progress and identify areas of weakness
    • Communicate specific skills, competencies, and achievements
    • Attract employers; get hired faster, with a better chance for an exceptional cultural fit

Your transcripts tell only a small part of your story. Show the rest of the world who you really are with an eSumé profile:

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