eSumé Jobs: One-Click Job Posting
to the Colleges and Universities of Your Choice


  • The ability to recruit interns or graduates from any or all colleges in the eSumé network

  • Access to a student’s eSumé profile, providing a 360 degree digital candidate representation

    • Email resume agents
    • Built in ATS
    • Pre-screening questions
    • Powerful resume database search capabilities
  • Evolution

    eSumé profiles are created at the beginning of your college career, and evolve as you do throughout your professional life. In addition to showcasing your experiences and degrees, core competency's, references, key documents, and links to online portfolios will always have a home on your personal eSumé.

  • How Do Employers Benefit?

    • Save recruiters’ time and resources with the eSumé Jobs One-Click Job Posting Tool
    • Can recruit from one or many schools in the eSumé network
    • May indicate required and preferred core competencies, resulting in a better cultural fit
    • Have access to a student’s eSumé profile to gain critical insights into strengths and weaknesses beyond transcripts

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